Temperature-Controlled Shipping That Preserves Your Goods

Transporting perishable goods takes careful planning. It is best if you find a logistics company that has a fleet of refrigerated trucks. In addition, the transporter you choose should also have experience handling delicate loads. You do not want to lose money because of damaged goods that should have been in a cool environment. Ensure that your fragile goods arrive fresh to their destination with temperature-controlled shipping from NHT Logistics.

We save you time on setting up transportation services because our operation solves your supply chain requirements. At our company, we believe the shipping of oversized packages should not be a hassle. We expand your transport options by providing large-scale shipping.

refrigerated truck

We know that sometimes clients need a place to store perishable products before shipping safely. Along with shipping services, we serve as a frozen food storage facility. We ensure your goods remain at the ideal temperature to preserve their freshness for as long as you need to store them.

If you distribute various goods, we can also handle your dry and fresh storage needs at our facility. Because we offer comprehensive transportation services, you can devote time to other matters your company requires.

You will have peace of mind about your products’ handling because our experienced drivers deliver your goods safely and on time. Contact us to schedule reliable temperature-controlled shipping.